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Bimetallic products was originally created for the Australian mining and quarrying industries in 1967. Today the DOMITE range of products is manufactured and distributed to worldwide markets. The abrasive hardness (over 700BHN) of working surface bring it to tough working condition.


Over the years Sinco has developed into a range of over 3,000 different shapes and sizes. Applications for Sinco bi-metal/domite products are wide and varied, ranging from specific wear protection on buckets for loaders, excavators and draglines machines, or for weld-on hammer tips for the re-cycling industry, or chute linings and rock box edges.

Sinco chocky bars&wearing button are easy to cut and form onto inside and outside contoured surfaces.  Users can calculate their own lay-outs and patterns depending on the area and shape of the parts that they want to protect.  The notches in Sinco chocky bars&wearing button casting and/or backing plate assist in cutting them to size or bending them to shape to suit the application.

Talk to us about the use of Sinco chocky bars&wearing button for your particular application.  Chances are someone is already using it successfully for that same application somewhere around the world.